ICEP aims to contribute as an private, independent development organisation so that people in development countries get the opportunity to have a self-determined life on foundation of their own gainful work.

ICEP is active in three areas.


ICEP offers advice to partners in development countries regarding the integration of poor people into economic circles and supports the building of sustainable structures.

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Social Impact Consulting

ICEP offers advice and supports Austrian companies in realising their global responsibility and including people in developing countries into their supply chain.

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corporAID Plattform

ICEP promotes the general awareness-raising and the promotion of framework conditions for an economy that also poor people can thrive from.

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For ICEP education is key for taking actions against poverty. Education projects improve the living conditions of people in developing countries in the long run.

Education-orientated projects

ICEP conceptualises and implements projects in Africa, Latin America and Central Asia, which are education-orientated and support people in discovering and developing their talents and skills. People should get the opportunity to lead a self-determined life based on their own work.

Cooperation with Partners

ICEP works in close cooperation with organisations that are rooted in the regions. The technical, methodological and operative qualities of the partner organisations as well as their commitment and responsibility are important success factors of the collaborative development work.

Empowerment: What do we do exactly?

Occupational training

ICEP promotes occupational training that is in line with the local economy and improves the outlook of youths.

Rural Development

ICEP helps farmer families to increase their income and to be able to start non-agrarian income generating activities in their area.

Business training

ICEP supports entrepreneurs with basic business training, coaching and opportunities of financing to start and to grow their business.

Empowerment of women

ICEP has a special focus on the promotion of the personal and economic development of women in developing countries..

Our Expertise

ICEP works with local partner-organisations in developing countries, conceptualises projects with them, ensures the funding of projects and accompanies the partners in the realisation of projects and organisational-development.

Impact Management
  • Program work: The individual development projects are part of a long-term program that ICEP pursues together with its local partners. Projects are conceptualised for two or three years and follow a fixed set of goals shared by all partners. Each project focuses on specified impacts. Follow-up projects can build on that foundation and multiply them.
  • Project management: ICEP cooperates with reliable, local organisations in the design and realisation of its work. They know about regional problems and their employees are rooted within the region. In a collaborative effort, the current situation is analysed, intervention strategies are conceptualised, goals are determined and the compound of measures is accorded. The partner organisation promotes the program among the local population and takes care of the implementation of the program activities with active participation of and intended benefit for the local population.
  • Project funding: ICEP funds its work in developing countries with partners from four areas: public partners (esp. the Austrian Development Agency), institutional partners (esp. foundations), companies as well as private people. ICEP seeks to establish a sustainable financial basis through diversified and long-term partnerships and allows for programmatic independence. In order to expand its work, ICEP continually looks for new funding partnerships.
Capacity Development
  • Partizipative Implementation: Collaborative planning and implementation of projects generate an important added value for the partner organisations. In this way, a collaboration with ICEP encourages institutional learning processes, develops joint expertise and helps building long-term sustainable structures.
  • Organisation development: ICEP provides strategic counselling and supports collaborators or partner institutions through further training.
  • Know-how Transfer: ICEP identifies similar problems in different regions, connects partners through South-South cooperation or institutionalized exchanges and let them apply their know-how in new projects.

Our Empowerment in numbers

People that have been supported by ICEP

Applied funds from public & private donors

realised projects

Partners with whom we have been realising projects

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Social Impact Consulting

ICEP supports companies to identify challenges and opportunities at the interface with civil society in emerging markets and to implement targeted social impact programs.

From idea to realization

ICEP supports companies with its know-how from the determination of an idea to the development and conceptualization of a strategy to its implementation and evaluation. ICEP can rely on yearlong experience in project management in developing countries and can fall back on expertise in specific fields such as community development or vocational training.

For the benefit of the company and of society

Together with companies, ICEP generates tailored solutions for concrete social challenges. ICEP connects corporate goals with existing resources and know-how with innovative approaches, so that both the company as well as society can benefit.

Social Impact Consulting: What do we do exactly?

Project partnership

ICEP conceptualizes an attractive project in a development region, such as the project “Viva mi escuela” with OMV. The advantage: minimal effort and a reasonable input of resources for a maximum impact through ICEPs global partner network.

Development Partnership

From the CSR-Agenda of a corporation, ICEP derives a a specific topic for emerging markets, which can be pursued with regional flexibility for several years. The advantage: a clear long-term commitment to global responsibility with a low workload.

Business Partnership

ICEP helps companies to create economic and social added value by incorporating local change agents and development cooperation. The advantage: Impact and resource-maximizing through project and process management by ICEP.

Our expertise

The location and the value chain usually determine where a company wants to become active. For the “how to”, ICEP – as an expert at the interface between business and society – offers holistic or point-based support – in line with need and demand.

Structuring: Analysis & Planning
The assessment of existing activities and the collaborative development of social and corporate challenges within an international context are the foundation of a global CSR approach, that accompanies core business.

  • Identifying topics: ICEP offers workshops and baseline-studies to develop CSR topics or challenges in this area. This leads to a systematization of what already exists and the development of something new.
  • Verifying the feasibility: ICEP carries out feasibility studies together with needs analysis, identification of suitable project partners and stakeholders as well as funding opportunities.
  • Project development: Together with the company, ICEP provides structures for ideas and approaches for a global commitment and develops milestones and budgets as a basis for decision-making.
Implementation: Coordination & Control
Resource efficiency in both human and financial terms is both a challenge and an opportunity for sustainable impact. ICEP helps companies to optimize their own application of funds and to make the project a success.

  • Project management: ICEP accompanies the implementation of projects on site and ensures the integration of local stakeholders.
  • Administering co-financing: ICEP prepares funding applications for the Austrian Development Cooperation for Business Partnerships, structures budgets and cash flow, and supports reporting.
  • Impact assessment: ICEP provides valid numbers for the assessment of allocation of funds and target achievement by means of monitoring, reporting and evaluation.

Our Social Impact Consulting in numbers

Companies that ICEP offered advice to

Feasibility studies that ICEP implemented

Business partnerships with ADA since 2013

Countries that ICEP has realised projects in

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corporAID platform

corporAID is the Austrian platform for business, development and global responsibility, which ICEP implements with support from companies, the Austrian Development Agency, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Economic Chamber.

With corporAID, ICEP provides new perspectives.

corporAID gives new perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of globalization for the economy and society and provides an insight into how implement development and realize hidden potentials.

corporAID gets topics into practice.

corporAID shows how innovative solutions for sustainable global development are created through economic development cooperation and corporate responsibility. And puts the creation of prosperity in emerging and developing countries onto the agenda of Austrian companies.

corporAID platform: What do we do exactly?

corporAID magazin

The corporAID magazine is the Austrian special interest magazine for business, development and global responsibility. It appears six times a year, with a publication of 74,000 copies.


corporAID publications are handbooks for decision-makers and practitioners. ICEP also contributes its expertise to consultation processes, policy papers, or studies for companies.


IICEP offers companies in various dialogue formats the opportunity to visualize specific challenges in emerging markets and work out concrete levels of action of global CSR.


The corporAID multilogues regularly conduct an exchange with international experts, CSR pioneers and practitioners. Every year ICEP organizes a large corporAID conference.

Our expertise

The corporAID platform is driving the issue of business and development in Austria – complementary to the activities of other Austrian players and only where commercial offers are missing.

Information & Dialogue
Through media and event formats of the corporAID platform, ICEP reaches decision-makers from business, science, politics and public administration and provides well-founded and at the same time broad information regarding business, development and global responsibility:

  • Targeted communication: ICEP increases the visibility of business and development at various levels and highlights the positive role of companies in global development, especially through the corporAID magazine, but also in cooperation with other media.
  • Studies, analysis and mission statements:Statements on questions regarding Austrian development policy, working papers as a basis for discussion at specialist events; background and environment information, analysis, assessments and preparation of the information in synopses on current issues, and through consultation processes on national and cross-sector strategies.
  • Peer Learning: ICEP helps companies to get involved in the discussion about business and development, to exchange ideas and learn from international good practice. ICEP brings global development to the sustainability agenda of companies and provides know-how and tools for implementation.
Networking and Implementation
Because of its many years of experience and expertise, the corporAID platform can speak the language of the companies, combines the interests of different players in the field of business and development in Austria, can address topics for specific target groups and can accompany them in its implementation:

  • Agenda Setting: corporAID is the lobby for business and development in Austria. Through continuous communication with players from business and politics, corporAID is working to create favourable conditions for responsible business in developing countries.
  • Research: ICEP is broadly connected and has many years of know-how regarding CSR and business and development. ICEP contributes its expertise e.g. in studies or research projects for companies and is constantly working on new ideas and models to increase the contribution of the Austrian business sector to global sustainable development.
  • Action Tank:  The corporAID platform is an important contact point and a hub for networking between the community and business, public administration, civil society and science. ICEP can identify common challenges, work out approaches to solutions, initiate alliances, and generate and develop possibilities for action.

The corporAID platform in numbers

International experts attending corporAID events

Companies that are corporAID partners

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