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Managing Director: Dr. Bernhard Weber

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Purpose of the Association according to Statutes of the Association, II, 1:
„The association is not affiliated to a political party, is a nondenominational association that follows non-profit and charitable purposes, whose deeds are exclusively in service of development work and that is neither directly or indirectly geared towards its own, or ist members, profits. The Purpose of the Association is to participate in and/or plan their own development projects as a non-governmental organisation. Further, an interest and an involvement in this should be awakened especially on a national level.
The objective of the association is to contribute to global development in any possible way. With every involvement in, or elaboration of, such a project the most fundamental criteria is the sustainability of the provisions. The goal of every initiative should be aiding people in the respective countries in acquiring the ability to independently solve their own problems. At the same time the association avows itself to the principles of the Austrian development cooperation that are based on criteria of ecological preservation, promoting democracy, conservation of human rights, and to build up local capacities. Equally the association avows itself to the goals and principles of cooperation adhered to by the EU and the AKPStates in the Cotonou treaty.
In consideration of these principles and goals, development projects with local partners and partner organisations in the respective countries, should be supported independently, and educational work should be done in particular in Austria to sensitise the public in respect to the concerns of the development cooperation and thus gain further means to aid the purpose of the association.“

Register number of the association:704473999

Notification of donation beneficiary:Register number SO 1254

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Möllwaldplatz 5 | 1040 Wien
T +43 (0)1 9690254
E icep[at]



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