Success Story

Jane Njeri Muchiri

Programme: Entrepreneurship training, Kimlea Business Centre (2016)

,,It is important to me that my patients feel that they are in goods hands with me. Due to the training, I also have gained control over my revenues and expenses.“

Entrepreneurship training for further development

Before Jane participated in the entrepreneurship training, she was employed in the Tigoni Clinic as a nurse, had to face a long way to work every day and earned little money. When she opened her own clinic in Kiamba, people did not take her seriously and she often treated patients for free, if they were not able to pay. Thanks to the training, Jane developed the necessary entrepreneurial mind to understand that it was necessary for her patients and herself to recognize her services as labour. Today she employs another nurse and can take care of her patients 24 hours a day. Next to the treatment room there is now a separate consultation room and Jane is even able to put savings aside. Jane is planning to take out another loan in order to open a clinic close to Kikuyu town, where she wants to employ additional doctors, nurses and employees. She also wants to provide additional, medical equipment to offer the people of the region best possible care.