Success Story

Doris Adelaida López Díaz

Program: WorldWideWomen (2012-2014)

“Through the training, I dare more and my business confirms my success.”

Accept any challenge

Doris Adelaida López Díaz is one of the women who participated in the WorldWideWomen program. She lives with her husband and three children in Concepción Chiquirichapa, Guatemala, where she has been running a small tailor shop specializing in sporting goods for a year. The small workshop is doing well, but to build the business, the young woman lacks the necessary know-how. With the help of commercial and technical training Doris wants to expand her product range and formalize the business. Meanwhile, she has two other employees in addition to her sister. “For me, a lot has changed,” Doris says, “I’m more confident because I can handle the challenges in my company better.”