Success Story

Abelardo González Cabrero

Project: Certification of farmers (2013-2016)
“Better hygiene on the farm can reduce work-related accidents and illnesses.”

With satisfied employees to success

Abelardo González Cabrero (51) is the owner of a mango farm in Mexico. Certification has brought many improvements from his point of view, but what matters most to him is that his employees are satisfied. Compulsory use of protective clothing and the ability to wash properly after using pesticides or fertilizers have severely reduced occupational accidents and diseases on the farm. In addition, all workers are now covered by health insurance and receive training in which they are informed about the appropriate use of agrochemicals and the risks involved. “We now have more modern machines as well as lounges and laundry facilities. All of these changes have helped to improve the quality of life of my workers, “says Abelardo. Abelardo also had to cope with the high investments that he had to make in the beginning, such as the reforestation of ecosystems, the construction of new premises – to store fertilizers and pesticides separately from tools – and a plant to mix and prepare them agrochemicals and in showers and car washes. “Although we are now allowed to charge slightly better prices than at the beginning, this is still out of all proportion to the initial costs. But even if the economic benefits are not immediate, they will make themselves felt in the longer term. “