Success Story

Urbano Agustin

Project: Holistic development of 5 municipalities (2014-2016)

“Reforestation training is essential to prevent landslides. Through knowledge of sustainable agriculture, crop yields can be increased. “

Sustainable against natural disasters

Urbano Agustin is a small farmer in the western highlands of Guatemala and is one of those villagers, who were particularly affected by the earthquakes in 2012. In 2013, a development program was launched to strengthen social, economic and environmental cohesion in the region, making the communities more resilient to future crises. For example, farmers such as Urbano received reforestation training to prevent landslides and sustainable agriculture to increase crop yields. Today, Urbano looks after a tree nursery whose trees are used for erosion protection and is satisfied with what has been achieved so far: “Everything is improving: thanks to the tree nursery, we have beautiful trees and have managed to switch to organic fertilizer.”