Success Story

Topister Mercy Omoro

Programme: Training for microentrepreneurs & microloans

,,I work hard and I am convinced, that I am a good business woman. I also want to prove this in the future.”

With microentrepreneurship training to her own tailor shop

Topister Mercy Omoro grew up in rural Kenya and moved to the capital Nairobi in 2009, looking for work. She lives in Lunga Lunga Slum, where at first she only earned money by doing occasional sewing works. Her primary goal was to provide her family with food, clothing and education. Topister did not lack the ambition or diligence to start her own business, but she did not have enough starting capital. So she participated in the training for microentrepreneurs by ISBI with support of ICEP. She worked out a business plan and received a microloan to be able to start her own tailor shop. Due to the loan she was able to buy materials and manufacture jackets and schoolbags, products that are in high demand. Her goal is to hire many more employees in her tailor shop.