Success Story

Rosa Emilia

Project: Further training for female entrepreneurs (2011)

,,Due to this training I learnt how to run my business sustainably. It is great to see how my business has developed since.”

Growing with training

Doña Rosa lives in Diriamba, Nicaragua, where she runs a grocery store. In the course of the training for female entrepreneurs by ICEP and ANDECU, she learnt how to properly keep an account of revenues and expenses. She now exactly knows her revenues and expenditure and could even save some money to expand her shop and offer new products, such as paper and hygiene products. A special service: In Doña Rosa’s store clients even get a receipt, as opposed to other stores. Ultimately, she was able to expand her small shop to a family business. Doña Rosa is especially proud of her independence, which she gained through her training and the resulting success of her shop.