Success Story

Peris Wanjiku

Project: Hospitality Training (1999-2000)

,,This education has transformed my perspective on life and I want to pass this on’’

Education changes lives

When Peris’ family came to Kiambu in 1992 it was difficult for her parents to pay school fees for her and her five siblings. After Peris finished high school she decided to join a training programme for nurses close to Kimlea. Because Peris was the best in her course, she got a job as a teacher in Kimlea. That way she could support her family and partly pay for her brother’s school fees. By now, her parents have successfully built up a chicken farm, so Peris can use her income for the education of her own four children. Peris wants to give back some of her happiness to other people. Therefore she adopted an orphan and paid her education in Kimlea. In addition to being a teacher Peris is also often helping on her parents’ farm.