Success Story

Omwenga Ngoko

Program: Entrepreneur Training & Microcredit

“I do not want to rest on my laurels, but increase my business to hire people.”

Dream of own business

Omwenga Ngoko from Nairobi, Kenya, gained his first professional experience in a small electrical shop after graduating from high school. When he wanted to realize his dream of owning a small business, his new role as a microenterprise confronted him with great challenges. Getting help with ISBI Entrepreneur Training, Omwenga learned how to create a business plan, bookkeeping, and better market its products and services. Today, Omwenga Ngoko has a successful electrical shop and is proud of the many satisfied customers who are happy to recommend it. He also has concrete plans for the future: “I plan to divide my business into two departments – one for sales and one for the repair of electrical appliances. Also, I’d like to give more students and students the chance to gain hands-on experience in my business. ”