Success Story

Juan Fernando Sanchez Garcia

Program: Economic Partnership RHI AG: Dual VET in Mexico (since 2013)

“The dual vocational training program enables me to expand my skills and my career opportunities!”

Dual vocational training as a profit

Juan Fernando Sanchez GarcĂ­a is 19 years old and lives in Saltillo, the capital of the state of Coahuila in Mexico. He is one of 70 apprentices trained under the RHI Youth Employment Program with the support of ICEP. The aim of introducing a dual vocational training is to improve the problem-solving skills of factory staff and to better orient the training to the needs of the industry. Juan Fernando completes an apprenticeship as a toolmaker, which enables him to continue to work at the RHI plant in Coahuila and even to study later. “I enjoy learning new things and the vocational training program satisfies my thirst for knowledge and enables me to expand my skills. I like the fact that the theory is not more important than the practice, because only when you have practically implemented activities, what you have learned becomes really valuable and applicable. ”