Success Story

Evangeline Wambui Gachoki

Programme: Business Training (2015)

,,Sitting at home all day as a housewife and housekeeper had a negative impact on my marriage and my self esteem.’’

With the right Know-how to a Sustainable Business

Before Evangeline completed her first Business Management Training in 2012 as part of the WorldWideWomen-Programme, she tried to realise several business ideas (e.g. tailor shop) but could not live off those businesses for longer than a year. After the training Evangeline opened an M-Pesa shop, in which she sold phonecards and similar stuff. In order to finance the shop, she and her husband had to sell both of their cows. In 2015, Evangeline, who is mother of three and a successful business woman by now, participated in another business training programme. Because of these two trainings, Evangeline not only realised the importance of detailed reporting in accounting, but also learned how to deal with daily challenges in her business. Finally she decided to buy two cows again and to dedicate herself fully to farming work. Her independence and enjoyment of work are most important to her.