Success Story

Elisa Chávez Zacarias

Programme: Business-School Programme MBA

Improved customer service and satisfied customers:

Elisa is living in an apartment in Quetzaltenango in the municipality Olintepeque. She is 37 years old, married and has 2 children. She runs a shop for small goods, where she sells basic products. Elisa participated in an MBA training organised by FUNDAP and learnt how to keep an overview over her customer’s buying preferences and her products. Also, Elisa registered her shop in the record for tax administration to avoid legal problems. In this process she was supported by FUNDAP for which she was very thankful. “I improved my customer service, because I learnt how important it is to assist your clients well, and how much my success depends on it. I believe that you can do anything you wish to, but you to need be ready to give hard work, dedication, engagement and passion to reach your goals.