Success Story

Edgar Uriel Sanchez Trujillo

Program: Economic Partnership Mondi: Dual VET in Mexico (since 2014)

“We not only learn technical skills, but also how to work with other people. I really appreciate it!”

Use the strengths of each

Edgar Uriel Sanchez Trujillo teaches electrical mechanics at Mondi Mexico. Since autumn 2014, he participates in the dual training program at the Mondi site in Monterrey, Mexico. In addition to training at the vocational school, he is trained four days a week at the Mondi plant. Above all, Edgar appreciates the practical orientation of dual training: “I really enjoy working in the Mondi factory. At the same time, I can gain practical experience and acquire theoretical knowledge in school as well. I am very interested in working with machines. In addition, we learn that we work well together in a team and get the best out of every person! “In the meantime, Egdar has received a job offer from Mondi, which allows him, in addition, to deepen his education at the university.