Success Story

Catherine Muthoni Mwaniki

Programme: Entrepreneurial Training for women in Kiambu District (2013-2016)

Single mother and employed due to the Kimlea Business Center

Before Catherine started the entrepreneurial training, she occasionally sold second hand clothing. Because she did not keep a record of her revenues and expenses, she did not know the level of her income, which was not enough to satisfy her basic needs and those of her children. Catherine was skilled in the kitchen and knew a lot about catering service, housekeeping and decoration. Even though she had completed her primary education and had attended high school, she had not been able to afford finishing her secondary education. After she met her husband and had two children with him, she was employed as domestic help. When her husband left her for another woman, she had to take care of her children by herself. Ultimately she completed an entrepreneurial training at the Kimlea Business Centre. After her graduation she received a job as a cleaning lady in several apartments. Due to her regular income Catherine is now able to provide for both of her children.