Through Kianda to Business Know-How

Catherine Gathoni Njoroge is doing a business training with Kianda, a partner organization of ICEP in Nairobi, Kenya. There she met Phoebe Wanjiru, with whom they are associated to buy a beauty salon together after training and connect with an M-Pesa agency.

Ready during the training, Catherine and Phoebe have created a business plan. They received a loan in April 2017 to set up their business. Catherine and Phoebe business skills and expertise on accounting services and business models. So you have decided to open your shop at a cheaper store, near an outdoor market in Nairobi. In the meantime, they have an employee who runs the business, and revenue and expense records are regularly monitored together. With the profit from the revenue you put the girlfriends back in additional products. With a good business model and experience in managing finances, Catherine and Phoebe will be able to repay their loan in November 2017.