Success Story

Jane Waithera Wahu

Programme: WorldWideWomen (Train the Trainer, August 2012-Juli 2013)


Through diligence to own business

Jane lives in Nairobi, is married and has four children. Before joining the WorldWideWomen program, Jane was a housewife. Before starting her own business, she completed a commercial training course for a few months. Her biggest challenge was to get get startup capital. In the past she tried some business ideas to implement. But in the end it always went bankrupt, because she lacked the necessary entrepreneurial know-how. But Jane did not give up and turned to her neighbor, who sewed petticoats and asked her to loan her petticoats to sell them. So they set up a business with a large number of customers. In the meanwhile, she accepts orders for adequate deliveries. Jane is very proud of her success: “First I thought I can not make a penny out of a business, now I know better!”