Success Story

Agnes Muthoni Kamau

Programme: Training for microentrepreneurs, Kimlea Business Center (2014-2015)

,,The training for entrepreneurs has helped me a lot. I can apply the skills and knowledge I gained in these courses in my daily life, which has improved my self-esteem. I have learnt to work professionally.”

Expanding the microenterprise with training

Agnes lives in Limuru, 50 km from Nairobi, and is single mother of a daughter. She used to make a living with tailoring. Since she was lacking control over income and expenses and she had difficulties meeting deadlines for orders, which had a negative effect on her customers’ satisfaction. Hoping to improve her income, Agnes participated in a training for entrepreneurs at the Kimlea Business Center. There she gained skills in accounting and other managements basics, including technical skills in cooking. By now Agnes has expanded her microbusiness. In addition to her tailoring services Agnes is selling milk from local farmers, creating not only income for herself, but also offering these small farmers a market for their product. Moreover, Agnes sells self-made cakes and snacks, which are very popular in her neighbourhood. Due to her accounting skills Agnes carefully calculates her income and expenses and makes business decisions on the basis of these calculations.