Occupational Training for Jobs in the marketplace

ICEPs Partner ECT hat 2018 20 Mechanikerwerkstätten als Lehrbetriebe für die Duale Ausbildung gewonnen

Dual education for Kenya´s industry

Since 2014, ICEP has been working with ECT to introduce dual education systems in the fields of electrical, electronics and computer science. ICEP also arranged the collaboration with Simba Colt – one of the largest auto importers, service and repair providers in Kenya. As part of this cooperation, beginning in the spring of 2017, 60 apprentices are trained as mechanics through a dual vocational training system.

The training is designed for 18 months and hinges in many respects on the successful Austrian model. After theoretical units at ECT and St. Kizito, apprentices are put to work at Simba Colt. A detailed contract between Simba Colt and ECT governs the organization and responsibilities of dual training. “The integration of education with the Kenyan industry is the right path. This is a valuable and forward-looking pilot project for other projects. It is noteworthy that there are 20 girls among the 60 apprentices – a unique rate for Kenya, “says Andrew Olea of the Eastlands College of Technology ECT.

Eastlands College of Technology

ECT, initiated by the Strathmore Educational Trust, is an education and training centre for technical and craft professions in Kenya, founded in 2003 with the help of ICEP. In recent years, ECT has been conducting numerous successful programs for youths and micro entrepreneurs in the Eastlands slum of Nairobi, reaching more than 5,000 people.

Occupational Training for Jobs in the marketplace

Seit 2003 von ECT ausgebildete Jugendliche

Ausbildungsplätze, die ECT ab 2018 anbieten möchte

Jugendliche in dualer Ausbildung ab 2017

Jahre der Partnerschaft zwischen ICEP und ECT

Austrian presence

The former Austrian Ambassador to Kenya Harald Günther was personally present at the official launch of the program and was impressed by the level of training that ECT could offer thanks to the support of ICEP and the Austrian Development Cooperation.
ECT was also one of the centres supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation that former Foreign Minister Kurz wanted to visit during his stay in Kenya.

ICEP works in developing countries in close cooperation with organizations that are rooted in the respective region. We stimulate institutional learning processes and help build viable structures. This has contributed significantly to the level of sustainability of our work..

Our collaboration with ECT demonstrates this: We supported Andrew Olea and his team at the very beginning of their vocational training centre. We have accompanied ECT for over 10 years, integrating them into our capacity building and financing selected activities and investments. Today, ECT is in a position to implement a dual training program with a Kenyan model company.

Martin Maier

ICEP development program

Maria Reyna, hairdresser

ICEP und Berufsbildung

ICEP gibt Jugendlichen in Entwicklungsländern durch Berufsbildung bessere Chancen auf Beschäftigung und Einkommen.

Ausrichtung der Ausbildung auf den Bedarf der Wirtschaft

Dabei geht es insbesondere um die Stärkung der Leistungsfähigkeit von Berufsbildungszentren, die Ausrichtung ihrer Ausbildungsangebote auf den Bedarf der Wirtschaft und die bessere Zusammenarbeit mit Unternehmen und öffentlicher Verwaltung. Die Einbindung von internationalen Unternehmen in das lokale Berufsbildungssystem ist für ICEP ein besonders wirksamer Hebel, um mehr und bessere Beschäftigung in einer Region zu erreichen.

Ausbildung für Männer und Frauen im informellen Sektor

Eine zweite Zielrichtung der Arbeit von ICEP sind leistbare Qualifizierungsangebote für Männer und Frauen, die sich im – in Entwicklungsländern meist dominanten – informellen Sektor als Selbständige ihre Existenz sichern müssen.



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Occupational training in East Africa

While the economic potential of the region is constantly growing, there is a clear gap in the countries education systems. A such, East Africa not only suffers from a massive shortage of skilled workers, but especially young people often have only limited opportunities for employment or occupational advancement.
In order to ameliorate this situation in one field, ICEP is implementing a vocational training program with partners in Kenya and Uganda. The program is co-financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation and is currently planned until the end of 2017.

ICEP unterstützt ausgewählte Berufsbildungszentren in Nairobi und Kampala dabei, ihr Ausbildungsangebot zu überarbeiten und am Arbeitsmarkt nachgefragte Ausbildungen anzubieten. Unter anderem werden die didaktischen und pädagogischen Strukturen verbessert, Life-skills in das Lehrangebot integriert und die Zusammenarbeit mit Unternehmen und öffentlicher Verwaltung ausgebaut. ICEP setzt zudem auf den Austausch von Know-how zwischen den Ausbildungszentren, um die Qualität der Berufsbildung in der Projektregion langfristig zu sichern.

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