Getting involved

Our work includes a variety of activities. Therefore, there are also many opportunities to join us. One thing is clear: with your help we can achieve more. And: Every contribution counts.

We need the support of many!


Donate a future! We invest your money in projects that help people to take their lives into their own hands, on the basis of work.

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Under the motto MEHRschenken – GivingMORE, you choose from gifts against poverty, which are appied to development projects as donations.

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Charity Events

ICEP charity events combine good entertainment with social commitment and range from art shows and concerts to comedy.

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Project partnership

In line with the ideas and interests of an organization, ICEP conceives an individual empowerment project in a development region.

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ICEP offers opportunities for volunteering. These range from assignments in teacher training to organizational consulting.

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corporAID Plattform
With corporAID, ICEP wants to make a difference to sustainable global development. And needs partners and sponsors to mobilize better.
James, Vegetable trader


Donations are a very effective and direct way to support our work. Each donation means not only an important financial support, but also an encouragement for our work and drives us forward. We thank you!

Seal of prudent donation management

ICEP carries the Austrian seal of prudent donation management. It is an instrument of voluntary self-control of donation-collecting organizations and verifies tested donation security through strict quality standards, transparency and on-going control. For more detail, please download our annual report hier.


Donations to ICEP are tax deductible up to an amount of 10 percent of the previous year’s income. ICEP’s registration number is: SO 1242

Fore more information about the tax deductibility for donations from abroad please contact us.

I got to know ICEP through the corporAID magazine and I am pleased to see that this is a strong impetus from a genuinely Austrian private initiative. A strong team is committed to global poverty reduction. This is definitely worth my support! Ingrid Moser


When making a donation, one also has to consider effectiveness. This is the great strength of ICEP: projects are carried out with partners in the respective country of development – therefore, donation funds to ICEP lead to high impacts on site. Martina Postl


I visited some ICEP projects in Kenya a few years ago. I was already a donor before this trip, but since then, I have been giving with the deep conviction that the work of ICEP is having an impact and changing things. Combating global poverty is a huge issue. Thomas Plötzeneder


You are interested in the development work of ICEP and would like to donate? If you need a donation confirmation or if you have any questions about the deductibility of donations or the donation process, please contact me – I am looking forward to it! Marijana Lacarak

Contact donor information, +43 (0)1 9690254, m.lacarak(at)

Donate now online!

One click – you give a future!


Gifts against poverty.

They make happy. And have an impact!!

Under the motto MEHRschenken – i.e. givingMORE – when giving, you can choose from 36 symbolic gifts against poverty that will contribute to specific development projects and support poor people to realize their business ideas and to stand on their own two feet as independent entrepreneurs.

Cards and Christmas cards

At the same time, you can turn your donation into a gift for your friends, family, customers, business partners or employees in the form of a card, thereby giving twice! You will receive your gift together with a card that you can send on.

The goat: the most popular product
of MEHRschenken

MEHRschenken Online Shop

Find extraordinary gifts with added value in our online shop. They will contribute to specific development projects and the card will make a the recipient happy.

Charity Events

ICEP charity events combine good entertainment with social commitment. The success of ICEP charity events is based on the fact that many people are generously and selflessly committed to our development work. Many great artists – musicians, singers, painters, sculptors, comedians, entertainers – have already supported ICEP and provided memorable evenings.

Thousands of guests accepted our invitations in the past few years and have not only enjoyed a full entertainment program in traditional spaces such as the Cabaret Simpl, and historic buildings such as the Post Office Savings Bank, but their donations also make our work possible.

Revenue for our development work

The proceeds from events will wholly benefit ICEP’s development work. This is possible thanks to our generous corporate sponsors, who assume the costs of the events.

Lesvy, waitress

Fotos of the charity concert

with the Sinfonia Academica on March 3rd

Best of ICEP Charity

The range of ICEP charity events goes from art shows to charity evenings in exclusive locations to concerts in the splendid House of Industry or in the legendary Cabaret Simpl. Also outside of Vienna, ICEP is present with events – for example in the Mönchsberg museum in Salzburg or in Steyregg Castle in Upper Austria.

Charity auction
In cooperation with Sotheby’s, art has been a tradition at ICEP since 2003: Then, the first charity auction took place at the Garden Palace Liechtenstein with Andrea Jungmann.
Charity in the Simpl
Strong voices, outstanding musicians and great entertainers were on stage in the Cabaret Simpl over the past few years to support the development work of ICEP.
Charity in Jeans
This format represents enjoyment in a casual setting. Whether jazz or Latin rhythms – it provides a relaxed mood and an entertaining evening, which invites you to network and dance.
Would you like to provide us with a nice location? Or donate a picture for our art auction? Do you have the opportunity to actively help at charity events? Or do you have any suggestions or ideas that can help us? I look forward to your contact! Julia Weninger

contakt charity events, +43 (0)1 9690254-32, j.weninger(at)

Charity Auction

in the BAWAG PSK  on Nov. 15th 2017.

Fotos of Charity im Simpl

with Carla Natascha & Band on June 7th

I want to participate!

Please invite me to ICEP-Charities!
                  James Mwangi, Mechanic

Project partnership

ICEP is looking for companies, associations or service clubs that are committed to global development and want to implement an individual empowerment project.

Individual Empowerment Project

ICEP, together with its local partner organizations, is implementing long-term programs and projects that are organised in modules. The individual project modules are scalable and can often be adapted to the ideas of a company, a federation or a social association. In line with the ideas and interests of the organization, ICEP can conceptualize an attractive project in a development region starting with a certain project volume.

To assume responsibility in a tangible way

ICEP also supports you in internal and external communication of your commitment. As part of a project partnership, ICEP gives the opportunity to make global social responsibility specific and tangible to third parties.

More than donations

The benefit for people in developing countries is the most important part of a project partnership. However, ICEP offers companies even more: for example, development presentations for customers and employees, the design of Christmas cards, general communication work or the support of events.

OMV Viva – „Coffee with MOREvalue“
With the project “VIVA mi escuela” – “Long live my school” – OMV has helped ICEP to improve basic education for thousands of children in Nicaragua. For three years, one cent per cup of VIVA coffee sold in Austria and Germany was contributed to the project.
Valartis Bank – Charity Polo
With ICEP, Valartis Bank launched a charity at a polo tournament in Kitzbühel. This made it possible for ICEP to finance the establishment of a training centre for entrepreneurs in Nairobi as well as credit and training programs for young entrepreneurs.
Bank Gutmann – Mikrofinance
The project partnership between Bank Gutmann and ICEP supports entrepreneurs in Africa and Central America year after year. The partnership with the project “Fondo-Gutmann” allowed the creation of three new village banks in Guatemala.
Are you a company thinking about a social commitment? I would be happy to make a proposal for global poverty alleviation and to advise you on how to involve customers and employees in such a project. Astrid Taus

Kontakt Project partnerships, +43 (0)1 9690254-73, a.taus(at)

Workshop global CSR

Send me information about global CSR workshops for companies.

Project artnerschaft

Please send me information material about ICEP’s project partnerships!



ICEP offers opportunities for volunteering, where an identified need in development work can be matched with the skills and resources of a volunteer. Operations can be carried out in the area of organizational development or training of trainers.

Volunteering in schools in Central America

In 2013, with the support of the pedagogue Verena Chavanne, ICEP launched a successful volunteer program, which teaches open learning to teachers in Nicaragua and Guatemala. In 2018, ICEP will again offer about 10 students 18 and older the opportunity to participate in an intensive preparatory course from March to June and to become involved in teacher training and instruction in Central America.

Corporate Volunteering

More and more companies worldwide rely on company volunteering programs as part of their CSR strategy and support the voluntary commitment of their employees to various initiatives in environmental and social areas. ICEP will be happy to receive inquiries from companies who wish to be advised on the planning and implementation of such programs in a global context.

Sally, textile cleaner

As an expert for visionary processes, I have once accompanied the ICEP team once to Kenya and once to Guatemala. There, I held seminars for ICEP partner organizations. They were interesting and intense days that contributed a lot to and benefitted the participants, but also myself.

Lydia van der Brugge Angerer

FranklinCovey Leaders

I spent two months for ICEP in Kenya advising partners on strategy development. I knew that kind of work from McKinsey, it was just in a completely different environment and for a good cause – an enormous experience. And a good feeling later hear how much Imani benefited from my advice.

Stefan Zündel

Cubitabo GmbH

I will never forget this summer in Nicaragua! We were 9 ICEP volunteers and active around the clock and applied everything we had learned in the preparation when we implemented the training sessions. ICEP’s partner Fabretto took care of us very well and the family where I lived was incredibly nice to me.

Laura Diethart


You have a few years of professional experience in business consulting or as a manager in a company and are interested in a volunteer assignment in a developing country lasting several weeks? Please contact me! We might just have an exciting task for you at one of our project partners. Martin Maier

Contact Development program, +43 (0)1 9690254-42, m.maier(at)

Summer engagement

In 2013 ICEP, with the help of pedagogue Verena Chavanne, started a volunteer program for students to teach methods of open learning to teachers in Guatemala and Nicaraguat.

Training course in Vienna
All volunteers attend a 4-month preparatory course in Vienna. They learn basic didactic skills, the production of teaching materials and hold model lessons.
Engagement in Guatemala
Volunteers are employed by the ICEP partner organization Fundap in the western highlands. They help teachers to make their teaching methods and teaching materials more effective.
Engagement in Nicaragua
ICEP’s partner for Educational Upgrading is Fabretto. Volunteers support Fabretto in the training of the teachers and in the classroom in several regions of the country.

Volunteering with Impact

You are in the middle of your studies, would like to make your summer meaningful,
do you have educational skills and speak Spanish?

corporAID plattform

The corporAID platform promotes general awareness regarding the role of companies in global development and the positive perception of the international commitment of corporations. And it supports companies in shaping globalization responsibly.

Companies as corporAID partners

ICEP wants to make a difference with corporAID. And every corporAID partner helps us to do more. In addition to the financial aspect, the platform must also be as broad as possible. Each Austrian flagship company also contributes an additional impetus in networking and important expertise in know-how exchange within the platform itself as well as with national and international experts.

Multiplicator for business & development

Even if you are not a company, you can support the corporAID platform: by recommending our events and publications and by distributing the corporAID magazine. The more readers are reached with sound information, concrete examples and the identification of economic opportunities for all, the better.

Partners of the corporAID platform

Are you interested in a corporAID partnership? Or would you like to contribute your expertise or best practice at an event? Or do you want the corporAID Magazine to be a collective subscription for employees or customers? Please contact me! Nina Bennett

contact corporAID partnerships, +43 (0)1 9690254-31, n.bennett(at)

Annual Suscription

Subscribe the corporAID magazine and promote it – 6 issues for 20 Euros.


Please send me invitations to corporAID conferences and multilogues!

Sample copy

Please submit a free sample copy of the corporAID magazine!

Giving MORE!


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